Year 1/2 2021 - 2022

Miss Walwyn

Welcome to Year 1 and 2!

Our class consists of 26 wonderful children, including year 1's and year 2's.

We have the following staff in our class:

Miss Walwyn- Class Teacher                   Mrs Wilson- PPA Teacher (Thursday mornings)                     Mrs Dunkerley & Mrs Pilato- TA's. 



General information


We have 2 PE sessions each week. The first lesson is on a Tuesday afternoon and the second slot with Little Sports is on a Thursday afternoon. Children need PE kit appropriate for inside and outisde PE each week. 


Homework will be sent home on a Monday and is due back on a Friday. This year children will be expected to practise spellings which allign with the phonics they have been working on that week. There will also be another short activity to accompany the spellings. Children should be encouraged to have a go at this task independently but a little support may be required. 


As a school we have recently started to use the MyHappyMind programme. You should have recieved a letter with some more information about this. We hope you will have a look at this at home to support your childs understanding. The aim of myHappyMind is to create a culture of positive mental wellbeing. 


 We read every day at school, in many different ways. Your child will read with an adult at school at least twice a week. You can support your child's reading at home by reading every night. This can be just a few pages and having a chat about what they have read. Below are some reading lists for year 1 and year 2 with some book suggestions for wider reading.

Year 1 suggested reading book list

Year 2 suggested reading book list


Our topics for Autumn Term


Autumn 1: Traditional Tales and Recounts ◊ Autumn 2: Adventure Stories, Poems and Rhyme and Newspaper Reports


Autumn 1: Place Value and Addition and Subtraction ◊ Autumn 2: Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Money and Multiplication


Autumn 1: Feeding and Exercise ◊ Autumn 2: Types of Animals


Autumn 1: Toys Past and Present ◊ Autumn 2: Guy Fawkes


Autumn 1: Where Do I Live? ◊ Autumn 2: Continents and Oceans


Autumn 1: How Can We Be Healthy? ◊ Autumn 2: How Do We Decide How To Behave? 


Autumn 1: Art- Fundamental Art Skills ◊ Autumn 2: DT- Mechanisms 'Wheels and Axels'


Autumn 1: Hinduism- Diwali ◊ Autumn 2: Christianity- Christmas 


Autumn 1: Exploring Purple Mash ◊ Autumn 2: Technology Outside School & Music


–Little Sports– Autumn 1 & 2: Fundamental Skills 

–Class– Autumn 1: Gymnastics ◊ Autumn 2: Fundamental Skills


Autumn 1: Tell me a story ◊ Autumn 2: Fire Fire!


Purple Mash

Your childs login can be found on the inside cover of their homework book. Please click the link below to go to our school portal:

Purple Mash!

Purple mash.png


Below are some good websites to use at home for wider learning: 

BBC teach



Spelling/ punctuation: 

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