What is the governing body?

The Governing body is a group of people who are responsible for every aspect of school life, what is taught, who is employed to teach it and the environment they teach in. Governors certainly have considerable responsibilities, but they don’t exercise them as individuals. All Governor decisions are corporate as is the responsibility for decisions made.

Governors do not manage the school. Its management team led by the Headteacher manages the school.

Our Governing body has 3 main committees:
• Curriculum – This committee monitors what we teach and how it is taught
• Finance – This committee monitors how our school funding is spent and ensures that we are always striving for ‘best value’
• Staffing – This committee monitors our staff arrangements

The role of a Governor can be very varied, challenging and fulfilling. One thing you do not have to be is an expert! You can, for example, be an active member of the finance committee without having experience of accountancy! Full training is offered by the Local Authority, which has a unit set up just for Governors.

Most Governors sit on one or two committees. Each committee meets once a term and then there is a full Governors Meeting once a term that all Governors attend. The chair of each committee calls extra meetings if needed.

Declaration of Interests

As of 1st September 2015, governing boards of maintained schools are now required to publish their membership and registers of interests on their school websites. The details required include:

  • The structure and remit of the governing board and any committeess, and the full names of the chair of each
  • For each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months:

- Their full names, date of appointment, term of office, date they stepped down (where applicable), who appointed them, relevant business and pecuniary interests including:

- Governance roles in other educational institutions.

- Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or;

- Any relationships between governors and school staff (including spouses, partners and close relatives).

- Their attendance record at governing board and committee meetings over the last academic year.

Governing boards should also publish this information for associate members, making clear whether they have voting rights on any of the committees to which they have been appointed.

Governing boards should make it clear in their code of conduct that this information will be published on their governors and any associate members. Any governor failing to provide information to enable the governing board to fulfil responsibilities may be in breach of the code of conduct and as a result be bringing the governing board into disrepute. In such cases the governing board should consider suspending the governor.


Clerk of Governors: Supplied by Cheshire East Governors

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