Mathematics challenges 

In maths, we had just finished our shape topic and started fractions. 


Shape challenge!

Can you go outside in your garden and find 5 different objects. 

- What shapes are they? 

- How many sides do they have? 

-How many corners do they have? 

- Are they 2D or 3D shapes? 


Fractions challenge!

Can you use something circular such as a wrap/ pizza/ cake and cut it into different sections to identify fractions. 

1. Can you cut it in half so it has 2 equal parts? 

2. Can you cut it into quarters? How many equal parts are there now? 

3. Can you try to write one quarter as a fraction? 


When writing a fraction the top number is how many parts we have/ how many we are being asked to find.

When writing a fraction the bottom number is the total number of equal parts that you have split the shape into. 


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