In Year 3/4 we aim to build on prior knowledge and equip the children with the mathematical skills and understanding that will help them in the future, both here at school and in everyday life. We aim to give everyone in our class the confidence and opportunity to be comfortable with numbers. Children will be given the chance to practice their mathematical knowledge and also the opportunity to extend their skills through problem solving and reasoning. Everyone is encouraged to take control of their own learning through the use of Century and working closely with learning partners.

This year we will be following the White Rose scheme of work. Over the next three terms we will be looking at:

  • Number: Plave Value; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Decimals
  • Measurement: Length, Perimeter and Area; Mass and Capacity; Position and Direction; Time; Money
  • Statistics
  • Geometry - Properties of Shapes


Times Tables

The links below are useful for those children who wish to practise their times tables in a slightly more fun and enjoyable way.

Year 3 will become fluent on 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables, and the by the end of Year 4 should know all their times tables to 12. Hit the Button is a good activity the children can practise at home, the links below will direct you to this and other useful websites which the children should find fun and engaging, a great way to help them master their times tables.

Click here to play HIT THE BUTTON.


Click here to play Multiplication Games.


Click here to play Mental Maths Train

Here are a selection of some more useful maths websites (click on the links below): 


Maths is fun

Maths Zone

ict games


Homework wil be given out on a Friday and will relate to that week's topic.


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